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We Only Groom Lawns.

"Just cutting the grass or mowing the yard is not what we do"

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A well groomed lawn is gratifying.

"Realtors will love your lawn."

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Your leisure time is priceless.

"You'd rather be doing something else."

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Our time adds value to your property.

"We take the time to do it right the first time."

2014 Angie's List award winner


Serving the greater Atlanta metro area

BEFORE AND AFTER LAWN SOLUTIONS, LLC. provides lawn grooming services. We meticulously groom and transform lawns to perfection. We don't overbook or watch the clock therefore, we never have to "Rush, Cut, Blow and Go!"

BEFORE AND AFTER LAWN SOLUTIONS, LLC. grooms lawn throughout the Atlanta metro area. We keep cost reasonable by zoning you and nearby neighbors together, via a waiting list. We work more efficiently. We spend less time in traffic, spend more time in your yard, without you spending a fortune.


View some of the beautiful lawns that we groom in our service area. Click on the Iconto view.

We serve the follow Atlanta metro counties:

  • Fulton
  • Gwinnett
  • DeKalb
  • Cobb
  • Clayton
  • Rockdale

We serve parts of the following counties:

  • Hall
  • Forsyth
  • Barrow
  • Walton
  • Newton
  • Fayette
  • Cherokee
  • Bartow
  • Douglass

Grooming your lawn takes time and is worth the wait.

Request your lawn grooming quote today!.

Customer enrollment season is from Thanksgiving to Memorial Day (No Waiting).

Referrals from existing customers accepted at any time.

Request a quote today

Before and After Lawn Solutions, LLC. customer service policy is to insure that our existing customers remain 100% satisfied with the appearance of their lawn. We keep our existing customers happy by ensuring that we have the time to provide adequate lawn management during the peak grass growing season, which is in the Spring and Summer. We don't require mandatory binding contracts. Our customer's satisfaction with their outdoor space is the only binding association we require.

We do not want to spread ourselves too thin by overbooking during this period. We ONLY accept the additional responsibility for the maintenance of new customer's lawns six months of the year. New customer enrollment is from Thanksgiving to Memorial Day (No waiting) . This limited enrollment time frame coincides with our company policy of no mandatory binding contracts to receive lawn grooming service.

One single company, no matter how large or small, cannot adequately service everyone. Some people's main priority is the price they will pay, while others are mostly concerned with the response speed to an overgrown lawn resulting from irregular maintenance. About 20% of the market is primarily concerned with the quality and appearance of their outdoor space.

WE KNOW LAWN GROOMING IS NOT PRACTICAL FOR EVERY OUTDOOR SPACE OR EVERYONE'S BUDGET. Our expertise and commercial grade lawn grooming equipment is a perfect match for those customers who will want their lawn maintained and "groomed like a poodle" and who are planning years ahead for the maximum property valuation of their outdoor space.

"We Use Licensed Subcontractors When Required."

Before & After Lawn Solutions, LLC, Lawn Maintenance, Lilburn, GA

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